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The Kicklighter Group offers services to support your efforts to reduce error, to provide a culture of patient safety and to enhance safe healthcare.

Risk management is a discipline that focuses on protecting the assets of an organization.  Those assets include your patients, medical staff, reputation, property, financial, human capital, and intangibles.   Risk management efforts focus on prevention to protect those assets.  In the event a potentially compensable event (PCE) occurs, early identification and early resolution activities are a part of that asset protection.

Healthcare services to patients are provided by a team of individuals, some on the forefront of care delivery, others in the background.  All members of the team work to provide quality, error-free patient care.

The Kicklighter Group brings experience and support to augment those activities and processes already in place to foster the delivery of safe care.   The Kicklighter Group has the ability to assist you to identify risk exposures and to work with you to develop treatment specific to your organization to mitigate or avoid those risks.

The Kicklighter Group was founded in 2001.  With many years of “hands on” experience our organization is able to provide assistance to the various segments of the healthcare continuum to enhance patient safety by reducing errors or addressing those circumstances that could lead to error to prevent subsequent injury to patients, employees or other stakeholders.

We invite you to explore the services offered by The Kicklighter Group.  Information about the experience and background of the principal is available for review.  Please contact us to more fully explore how we can be of assistance to you and your organization as you strive to reduce error and enhance patient safety.

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